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The Digital Tasting Club is a monthly lifestyle membership that pairs spectacular wine, seasonal recipes, and great company.

Enrollment re-opens 2022!

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Say Hello to The Digital Tasting Club!

A monthly membership to add some luxury, fun, and inspiration to your life!

"Caroline this is AMAZING!!! Food is my love language and I love cooking and exploring flavors from around the world. I'm SUPER excited to try everything on here. Can't wait till Sunday!!"

- Paulette

"Thank you Caroline!

You are doing an AMAZING job with the program, I can't believe the value you're providing at this price!"

- Debbie

The Perfect Pairing

Wine and food belong together!

The Digital Tasting Club is a place to learn about wine in a snobbery-free and fun way. We'll taste together live on Zoom, discover new wines, cook delicious seasonal recipes, and explore exciting parts of the world through our palates.

This community is about going deeper, expanding our senses, and connecting.

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Learn by Tasting

Every month I'll teach you about 4 new wines, hosting a Zoom tasting where we'll go in depth live together.

Throughout the year you'll revisit old favorites, be reminded of why the classics are so perfect, and discover new amazing wines you've never heard of!

Our tastings together will be the highlight of your month!

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At our live tastings you'll get to bring your wine questions, expand your palate, and travel the world!

You'll also have access to our private facebook group where we post pairings, recipes, and more.

Our members come from the USA, Canada, France, and England (so far)!

Food Pairings

Food and wine go hand in hand, which is why I craft 4 seasonal recipes to enjoy with your delicious wines.

My food is simple, fresh, and the perfect way to stay inspired in the kitchen!

Even though I live here in France, my cuisine reflects my love for travel. Isn't food just the best way to reignite that excitement?

  • Sick of cooking the same old meals time and time again?
  • Stuck reaching for the same bottle from the wine aisle?
  • Feeling uninspired in the kitchen?

Imagine being excited to go to the grocery store, because you know you'll be cooking something new and delicious - and you've got a stellar wine pairing to go with it.

You regain confidence in the kitchen, looking forward to sharing your perfect pairings with friends and family.

Now that dinner inspiration is a thing of the past, you get more and more creative.

You remember past travels, recreating memorable dishes at home, and raising a glass to your rediscovery of your senses.

You're excited to share with your newfound community, and to meet with them live once a month to chat wine!

Some Recent Examples of Recipes & Pairings


with asparagus and pea risotto

Tavel Rosé

with fresh pea quesadillas and hot sauce I smuggled from California back to France


with homemade ricotta and strawberry arugula salad

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